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A niche blog - My Korean Kitchen

This is the third in my mini series about other people's blogs - the ones that everyone reads.

When I did my 'research' for this series I looked at four or five best Australian foodie blog lists and then decided to present the ones that appeared on more than 1 site. I have done the two that appeared three times, and I am now on to those that appeared twice. I'm presenting them in no particular order I hasten to say. And do note that not a single blog appeared on all the lists I looked at - which goes to show that we all like different things.

So this one - My Korean Kitchen - is obviously a bit specialist. If you're not at all interested in Korean food then this is not for you, but if you want to discover a one stop shop for Korean recipes then here it is.

It's the brainchild of Sue, born and raised in South Korea where her mother, a fine cook, ran a restaurant. Although Sue watched her cooking her mother did not actively teach her. Which is interesting is it not? Well I suppose it depends how big a restaurant it was, but if it was a small family affair you would think the whole family would be roped in. It certainly seems to be the case in many Indian restaurants that I have visited. So no 'proper' training, but she watched and doubtless used cookery books.

She married an Australian and now lives in Brisbane. Indeed it was her husband who suggested she start the blog way back in 2006, to help other Korean ex-patriots and also to help those, like him, with Korean connections, learn about Korean food.

Since then Korean food has become increasingly popular, so maybe that explains the popularity of the site. Like the other two sites that I have already 'presented' its main focus is recipes, but I do not know how often a new recipe is presented. I mentioned the air-fried chicken wings yesterday - it's still there today - and here is another one that features kimchi. I didn't quite know which one to choose as an example, but decided in the end to go with the kimchi as that is so very trendy. The dish is a kimchi and pork braise - an Asian version of a German style sauerkraut and pork dish in a way. It's called Kimchi jjim. You can get kimchi in your local supermarket these days but there will be a recipe on the site for making your own I'm sure. She also has a section on where to get the various Korean ingredients you might require.

She has written a couple of cookbooks - one on Banchan - which I think are 'small dishes' and one on the Korean barbecue, which I have to say is the first and possibly only way I have ever experienced Korean food. The barbecue one is free and the other is a mere $9.00.

She claims to have over 15,000 subscribers to her weekly newsletter and has been featured in various publications online. I think her day was made when Saveur listed her in their top 55 global foodie blogs, which you would have to say is pretty impressive. You'd be a bit over the moon wouldn't you?

I don't think I can say an awful lot more really, other than to note that the presentation is extremely similar to the two I have already reviewed. Do they use the same software one wonders? There are ads of course, but actually not very many. She takes her own photos and videos - again similar to the other two reviewed so far.

Clever marketing to concentrate on one very specific area I guess. There probably aren't that many other Korean foodie blogs - outside of Korea that is. So well done Sue, and, you know I might try that kimchi and pork dish one day.


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