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Happy Christmas

This is the last picture from my 2020 Charley Harper diary - a rather cute Christmassy picture of somewhat bemused looking cats. Or are they just looking blasé? And cats? Not particularly Christmassy. It's called Christmas caper and I like it.

Next year I shall be moving on to a desk diary which is simply called Art and is one of those painting a day type things. So there might be some inspiration there from time to time. I've enjoyed Charley Harper though.

But I'm ahead of myself really as it's not the new year yet, and Christmas Day itself is not over either. Although it sort of is for us, and last night was the big Christmas dinner, and the last minute panic over home-made presents, so no blog yesterday. No time.

Today we have had the grand Christmas present giving and now everyone has gone and we are left with a pile of presents - in my case a wonderful array of cookbooks which will no doubt feature in future posts, a pretty nice afternoon weatherwise and nothing much to do. I could go for a walk, but Christmas is a lazy day, so I think I'll just start on the cookbooks.

Anyway I do hope that you are all managing to have a good Christmas in spite of everything. Particularly my heart goes out to all of you over there in the UK, and closer to home in Sydney, although I don't think any of my readers are from there. And let's not forget Kuala Lumpur. Here's to you over there.

I have now set up a subscription option, which I think is meant to provide you with an email updating you with what's new on the blog. However, I suspect that that part is not working yet as I had David test it out and I don't think he has received any emails. So I should check ut if there is another button to click. To subscribe you go to the Contact page and fill in the form you will find there. It's not compulsory of course. Just an option.

So a very happy Christmas to you all - what remains of it all - and then it's on to the new year - or in our case the 13th birthday of our grandson in a couple of days' time.


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