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How can I maintain weight loss?

This is a real quickie. Just a moan really.

Yet again - this means twice this week - I have to fast today to maintain the weight I aimed for when I went on my 5/2 diet. It took me about a year, and much more slowly towards the end, but I did manage to lose around 15kg and I am proud of that.

I was hoping that by dropping down to one day of fasting a week plus exercise I would be able to maintain that. But no. I really don't think I overeat on the days I'm not fasting. I haven't changed anything. If anything I am exercising a bit more. Not massive exercise I have to admit but for an oldie it's not bad. I walk three times a week for around three quarters of an hour and I do at least two vigorous weeding sessions out in the garden for at least an hour. Not a lot when compared to a gym junkie I know, but believe me, it's a lot for me and a bit more than I was doing before I started all of this.

It's actually a good thing I don't want to get back to my mid lifetime weight of 50kg - yes I know I was a bit underweight, but that was just what my body did. It seemed to have little to do with what I ate or how much I exercised. Menopause killed all of that, and so I went on that diet. to begin with the weight loss was pretty good and very encouraging but eventually it really took a lot of time to lose much at all. These days I don't really seem to be able to lose anything significant, indeed some days, even after a fast, I put on weight.

I probably shouldn't weigh myself so much, but if I didn't and if I stuck to one day of fasting, I suspect I might start really putting on weight.

Misery. Oh well I guess I just carry on. And every now and then I do manage just one day. And a bonus is that on the days of fasting I can watch some cooking programs on the television whilst David eats his dinner.


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