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An enigma in the sky

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This post has nothing to do with food but I wanted to share what I saw.

I went for a walk this morning on this perfect day. And I saw this as it was happening. I know it is not a great photograph. Sky writing is so impermanent is it not? The beginning was fading as the end was still being written - which is significant in itself. And I was watching it as it was being done - with the tiny little silver dot of the aeroplane carefully doing its work.

Because it is unclear here is what it says. + = ♡ or I suppose it could be x = ♡, but I think the pilot was skilled enough to 'draw' a perfect heart so if it was meant to be x rather than + then I think he would have made it clear. Now I do not know for sure that there was not more but he seemed to have ceased and when I walked on I could no longer see it for the trees.

So what does it mean? Well we all know that the ♡ means love but what does + signify? Togetherness? If it was x I guess you could take it to mean that 'the answer is love' - after all x is the number you are trying to find with a formula isn't it? Or alternatively it could be a kiss - a kiss equals love?

I confess I wondered about it all the way home. I am stumped. The best I can come up with is something along the lines of 'together we can get through this'. Tell me what you think.


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