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A fridge raid that might not work

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

"More important than the food pairing is the person with whom you drink the wine." Christian Moueix

"I spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open looking for answers"

I've been agonising over whether I can make a decent quiche with corn and smoked trout for this evening, pondering on how to structure a post around the dilemma, and looking for suitable quotes and pictures, and not getting anywhere. Then I found that opening quote and realised that none of this angst mattered. So what the hell, I'm going to do it - smoked trout and corn quiche.

I decided on this particular food pairing because these are two of the things I have in my fridge at the moment that need using up. Truth to tell the corn is probably well past its best, so perhaps I should be looking at whether I can pickle it or make it into chutney. However, I'm not in the extreme situation of this particular quote as yet:

"I'm at the 'What can I make with green beans and cake mix?' stage of needing groceries."

I wonder if that is a COVID 19 quote? Or, oh dear, is it a poverty quote? Whichever it is I am certainly not in that position. After all we can actually go shopping whenever we like here and can get more or less anything we need. And my fridge is full.

No my fridge raid situation is simply a normal state of affairs wherein I have stuff in the fridge that must be used up, so I pick two of the items, sometimes three and try to combine them in some way. Today it was the corn and the smoked trout. And I was also pondering on quiche or soup, so I checked with David and he said quiche. And yes, he is more important, and besides I was dithering so quiche it is.

However, still being unsure I decided to see if there were any actual recipes out there for a smoked salmon and corn quiche. There are none people. So are corn and smoked trout a no-no? Difficult to say is my conclusion. The two books I have that have a 'this goes with that section' against particular ingredients, do not have smoked trout, or indeed smoked fish as an ingredient anyway, and under corn there is no mention of smoked fish. Prawns and crab, but no smoked fish. Should I be daunted by this? No I'm feeling brave. I think.

I decided to widen my internet search to just smoked fish and corn and found that there were indeed various options, none of them quiche, or, sadly, not even frittata. But I did find a salad from Karen Martini for which she grilled the corn. It also included an egg, so I told myself that quiche was not too far a jump. And I might grill my corn.

However, when I had a quick look for Asian quiche, just for fun, I found that there were actually quite a few suggestions, although most of them had no crust, and so to my mind were not quiche at all. Besides none of them looked very tempting - maybe this one for a Bok choy and shiitake quiche but this one too has a filo kind of shell rather than a proper pastry case. Still you never know what you might find until you try. My conclusion on Asian quiche though is that it's not right somehow, and I'm not going to try it any time soon.

But I digress. Back to the corn and smoked trout options.

By the far the most dominant solution for this particular pairing, was soup. I should have stuck to my initial gut inclination. There were lots of recipes for corn chowder with smoked fish, though it has to be said, that the most frequent suggestion for the fish was smoked haddock or cod. I do like chowders. When I was on that student trip to America I used to have clam chowder for lunch from the Woolworths canteen every day. Looking back I'm sure it had all sorts of evil things in it, but I have also had 'real' clam chowder and have made corn chowder on many occasions. Love it, although I would be putting more chilli into it than I am allowed. But David asked for quiche so quiche it is.

Blinis and fritters were the next big thing for corn and smoked trout. Most often with just a bit of the smoked fish decorating the top but sometimes combined with the corn too. But these are more for brunches and cocktail parties than dinner aren't they? Maybe not the fritters because they could be accompanied by some kind of vegetable side or salad.

And then, of course there were salads. Lots of them, but it's winter and not a nice day, so salad is not really an option. I guess you could probably do a warm potato salad that included smoked trout and corn. So maybe I'll put that one aside for another time - the fritters, that is - from a blog called Because Food is Life. Mind you they were pretty plain and used coconut flour (she did say you could use ordinary flour). I think I'd be tempted to add flavourings like lemon or herbs.

And then there's always Nigel Slater who can be trusted to do something different - Smoked haddock and sweetcorn in this case, which looks very pretty and tempting. But alas it's also not really what I am looking for - well it's not quiche, but it's also not smoked trout, and smoked haddock is really not quite the same thing. But it does show that you can put smoked fish with sweetcorn - and in this instance peas too. So I might try adding some peas to my quiche. Plus herbs and spring onions.

So I'll give it a go, and it's certainly not as much of a challenge as green beans and cake mix. And yes, the person with whom you drink the wine is the important thing. And the wine will be apposite too for such an experiment - a humble Lindemans Bin 95 Sauvignon Blanc. Well we've been drinking more exclusive stuff of late so it will be interesting to compare.

I rather liked this haiku - not really relevant - well maybe.

“This is a haiku

Haiku's don't have to make sense



POSTSCRIPT: It was pretty nice but I forgot to put in the peas, and it probably needed a squeeze of lemon on top at the end.


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