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"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." Dolly Parton

It's sort of hard to tell whether the birds are flying towards or away from the rainbow, but I like to think it's towards the rainbow and the clearer sky beyond. (Alas I fear I may be wrong, and so the metaphor doesn't work, but never mind)

I was out of inspiration today and came across this beautiful photograph. Where? Well at the end of last year, I decided to make my own desk diary and get it printed. Well like all grand plans I only got so far with it - I did actually create it but never got it printed - basically because it was going to cost a lot of money and it was too hard. I might try to adapt it for next year. So I thought I would flick to the month of April to see if there was any inspiration there - and there was this - the picture for next week. Very prescient really.

How does someone manage to take a picture like that? Were they waiting for the birds? I mean it's a random event isn't it? Rainbows are random and transient, so are flocks of birds. And getting the light just right! But then these days I guess you might be able to concoct a photo like this from several different photos. Although then surely you would make the birds fly over the rainbow to the light. However, it was done, I think it's amazing.

And yes, hopeful. A rainbow has always been a harbinger of hope - see the Dolly Parton quote. I don't think it was an original thought though - many others have said more or less the same thing, but somehow it seems right coming from Dolly Parton. She always seems so optimistic.

Difficult times, and we are probably feeling it more keenly at Easter. No Easter egg hunts with the grandchildren, no family Easter turkey parties, or Easter lamb come to that. But we live with hope, and hope does cautiously seem to be appearing over the horizon. At least here in Australia. Today, however, is glum - it's raining and the wind is blowing. A very large dead tree has fallen over in our bushy bit of garden. It finally gave up hope - although by falling it is providing habitat for the wildlife and firewood for us. We shall not be cutting it all up I'm sure - it's just too big. Really large trees tend to get left there to quietly rot and put their goodness back into the soil. So we should all drink some fine wine, and eat some fine food tomorrow and toast the Easter bunny for finding all manner of creative ways to do his job.

The rain is falling but the sun is trying to shine too, so maybe there's even a rainbow.

And the birds just keep on singing and doing their thing whatever the weather.

Happy Easter.


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